South Point Event Center

Las Vegas Boxing & Equestrian Venue

About The SPEC

South Point Event Center is the former name for what is now known as the South Point Arena, in Las Vegas NV. It is part of the South Point Hotel & Casino. As a multi purpose venue, it has hosted a variety of sporting events including boxing and equestrian. As locals, our group has attended most of them!

The arena has a 4600 permanent seating capacity, with an option of additional temporary seating for suitable events (such as boxing). As you can see, all seats offer a superb uninterrupted view of the action.


The arena as viewed from above is an equally impressive site. You can see the scale of the venue, as well as the attached hotel and ample parking facility for guests and visitors.


This unofficial site gives you some basic information about the venue and recounts some of our favourite events that we have seen there. We hope it inspires you to visit at some point in the future.


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